My American Dream is alive and is happening  NOW!

Macrame is my favorite form of expression. It is amazing to create lasting original pieces of art knowing that they will decorate your house! 

Each item is individually hand crafted and unique.



Supporting Traditional Talent

My adventure with Macrame started as a young girl in elementary school when i was introduced to macrame by one of the art teacher. Right then and there i promise myself that one day i will be doing it professionally.

My dream come true while as pregnant woman i decided to pick up that craft after years of tapestry and painting to indulge in new medium for my creativity to flow.  I got hooked!

Now its been years of my self expression in art of tying knots. You will find all kind of pieces from barbie dresses to full woman gowns (like my wedding dress). 

Each purchase help us achieve our own goal - buying a house! So we are very grateful for your visit and purchases and i hope you enjoy my creations.


Do you have any questions about our work process, or would like to order special design art for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stonington, Connecticut


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